Thursday, 20 March 2014

GW Pharmaceuticals - Good or Evil?

GW Pharmaceuticals have made massive headway in the last 12 months with their exclusively cannabinoid derived medicines gaining acceptance in 25 countries including the UK and US. Their share price has rocketed with a more than 10 fold increase since it's cornerstone product Sativex (an oral spray treatment reliving symptoms for MS suffers) hit the market running. Since then they have gained FDA approval of a second cannabis based drug Epidolex (an alternative treatment for a rare kind of children's epilepsy) and the companies prospects continue to look bright with a comprehensive list of treatments entering later stages of trials including a pain relief alternative for cancer patients. But a big question remains among legalisation advocates - is it right that this large organisation that has had a monopoly on cannabis production and research in the UK, is now allowed to patent it's fairly simple and easy to make products? After all, cannabis tinctures, sprays and even tablets have been consumed as medicine for as long as records have existed.

While many people within the culture may find this hard to stomach, I think the answer is yes. This is the big break we have all been pushing for, a necessary evil in the name of eventual liberation. GW's drugs are not just helping sick people, they are changing the perspectives of millions around the world. This is a bigger step forward than the decriminalization trend that has been seen across the US over the past decade (albeit someway behind the logical steps taken recently in Colarado) because it doesn't come with the stigma associated with the 'marijuana medical card'. These drugs are not simply random strains picked and dried, they are the product of selective breeding for favorable medicinal characteristics, a carefully formulated and consistent mixture that has been rigorously tested over years of trials and comes endorsed not only from the marketing company, but from academics alike. These products are proof that cannabis holds up to scientific scrutiny and possesses genuinely researched and documented medicinal benefits. These products are a game changer, and undeniable step forward and almost certainly the start of a new cannabis perspective across the globe.

For more information about GW Pharmaceuticals and the research they carry out please visit their website.   

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rolleze New Website Goes Live

Ok so the product range is currently limited but new headshop is live and ready for business! We stock a great range of products including cannabis seeds, herbal incense, electronic cigarettes plus so much more and new products are being added daily! Follow Rolleze on Facebook for exclusive offers.

We are often asked whether or not our products our legal for sale in the UK and the answer is always a resounding yes! However care should be taken as under section 6 of misuse of drugs acts we cannot sell you something explicitly for the use preparing, cultivating or taking illegal substances.

Our cannabis seeds range is vast and growing. We stock seeds from many great companies including barney's farm seeds, greenhouse seeds, sweet seeds, dutch passion seeds and royal queen seeds. Have a good browse as the product listing are packed full with useful information to help collectors select the right cannabis seeds for their needs.

Our herbal incense blends are 100% legal in the UK and come from two manufacturer, abyss herbal incense and mary joy herbal incense. Seriously potent smelling stuff! Exodus damnation is undoutedly the most popular!

Electronic cigarettes are becoming ever more popular and we have some ego's with CE4 atomizers at a great price. We also have a many eliquids of different flavours and strengths, something for everyone!

So what is a headshop i hear some of you screaming. Well wikipedia some up it pretty well: head shop is a retail outlet specializing in tobacco paraphernalia used for consumption of tobacco, legal highs, legal party powders and New Age herbs, as well as counterculture art, magazines, music, clothing, and home decor; some head shops also sell oddities, such as antique walking sticks and sex toys." Couldn't have said it better myself!

For a full product range including herb grinders, glass bongs and grow guides check out our headshop now.