Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mythos E-liquids

Our friends over at Rolleze have recently listed Mythos E-liquids of there website. They sound amazing, "Introducing Mythos e-Liquid - Nectar of the God's. Mythos organic e-liquids are PG-Free and flavoured with only the finest organic ingredients. Organic flavor extracts are blended with organic alcohol to draw out the best possible flavor, without leaving an alcohol taste. They only come in 30ml bottles but that's fine, their moorish tastes means 10ml just isn't enough! Mythos e-liquids are available in 6 complex flavours and 3 nicotine strength's. These are premium e-liquids for serious vapers! The Mythos line was in development for 6 months and is designed to deliver fantastic flavor, dense vapor, and a satisfying throat hit. They perform best in dripping atomizers on high powered mods. The e-liquids have been independently tested and found to be Diacetyl and Acetyl free."

If that's not enough to get your tastebuds tingling then just take a look at the flavour descriptions:

Athena - Dessert Tobacco
Athena is packed full with flavor. This is an extremely sopisticated Tobacco flavor that ages like a fine wine. Designed to please the enthusiast vaper, this is not your traditional tobacco e-liquid. Robust flavor that is both nutty and sweet but never disappointing. Hints of delicious vanilla can be detected in the undertone.
Apollo - Orange Cream
Apollo shines with falvor. Delicious, bright and authentic Mandarin Orange flavor smothered by a smooth and sweet vanilla cream. Apollo e-liquid is both refreshing, sweet and tastefully done.
Hades - Fire and Ice
Hades burns with flavor. A less than traditional take on a classic Fire & Ice. Hades e-liquid combines extremely small doses of red hotted goodness from aniseed with a hint of organic mint extract and a smooth vanilla cream finish. Nobody has done it like this before
Persephone - Cantaloupe and Pear
Persephone blooms with flavor. Unique and Sophisticated is the center of Mythos: Nectar of the Gods, and this may be the master piece. We combine organic pear and sweet cantaloupe flavor with slices of red apple and top it off with a touch of whipped vanilla cream. One of the most unique e-liquids in the line up, Persephone raises the bar.
Aphrodite - Cookie Dough
Aphrodite comforts with flavor. Sweet warm organic cookie dough flavor skilfully blended with fluffy vanilla cream and a smooth maple finish. Aphrodite is the comfort vape e-liquid we've all been looking for.
Poseidon - Lemon and Lime
Poseidon bursts with flavor. This e-liquid has an amazingly refreshing organic lemon lime citrus taste with rich, fluffy coconut to boot. Unique, sophisticated and refreshing, an instant favourite.

mmmm, mmmm, MMMMMM!

Tom and John over at spinfuel have reviewed them and offer some good insight.

"High performance eliquid is, to put it simply, is an eliquid that delivers the purest flavor, the richest vapor, and a satisfying throat hit when vaped with equally high performance hardware. It is eliquid designed from the bottom up to be enjoyed by vapers that know a thing or two about mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and dripping. High performance eliquid in the hands of high performance vapers takes the whole idea of vaping to a new level....

Characteristics In Common

In an effort not to be overly redundant we found some common characteristics in all six eliquids. Rather than repeat them over and over, the following applies to all six flavors, unless otherwise noted.
Push: There seems to be a lot of ‘play’ with Mythos eliquid. By that we mean each of the eliquids were able to withstand high wattages and high voltages no matter the ohms of the coils. While searching for each of the ‘sweet spots’ it felt that the more power you gave the coils the more flavor we got and the more vapor production kicked up. Eventually of course you reach a level where it goes past peak performance and you have to dial it down a bit. Regardless of what coils you use or what RBA/mod you use, your own sweet spot will take a while to find. The nice thing is when you do find it you’ll know it.
Mechanicals: Tom, owning more mechanicals than anyone else here, instructed me on the finer points of using mechanicals. I discovered that because mech mods output a singular power/voltage the only way to adjust your vape is through the ohms of the coils, or even the number of coils on an RBA/RDA. Makes sense, of course, but this review is the first time I had a ‘buddy vaper’ with me to guide me through all the eliquids in the Mythos lineup.
Vapor Production: Mythos was designed to provide maximum flavor and maximum vapor. Every blend will satisfy even the most possessed cloud chaser.
Nicotine Strength: When vaping in conventional ways our nicotine strength has been 18mg for more than a year. We chose 6mg for Mythos the review because, well, seriously, while I didn’t believe there could be a huge difference in the style of vaping when it comes to the nicotine’s role in throat hits. Tom knew better. RBA’s and RDA’s are much more efficient when it comes to vaporizing eliquid, and the nicotine can be a lot less in volume but it will utilized quicker and more thoroughly than with conventional vaping. With Tom’s help I discovered just how much punch there could be in 6mg nicotine juice. Honestly, it was almost too strong.
Flavor: With all six eliquids delivering incredible amount of vapor and powerful throat hits, the only aspect left was flavor, and in many ways flavor is a subjective issue and in other ways not so subjective issue.
The commonality of all six eliquids as it pertains to flavor is this: full, authentic, never-ending flavor, but never overwhelming. It’s not as though you’ve taken a bottle of concentrated flavor extract and poured it over your tongue and let it sit there. The flavors are genuine, real, and true, not too subtle, but not too strong either. It’s a delicate balance that is inherent with good organic extracts.
In my opinion, when describing the flavor of an eliquid only as “intense” is lazy writing. Intense doesn’t tell us much, does it? The strongest cinnamon flavor from any eliquid brand can be “intense” but it doesn’t mean its any good.Mythos flavors are ‘full’ and ‘genuine’… better than ‘intense’ because while the flavor is abundantly present, you won’t pull away from a long drag and yell out with your favorite expletive."
Anyone for organic e-liquid then?


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