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Novelty Grinders

If you're after novelty grinders there is only one place to shop! The selection of novelty grinders at Rolleze is breathtaking, and they are really bloody cool too! They have poker chip grinders, novelty pipe grinders, biscuit grinders, burger grinders, coin grinders, skull grinders, battery grinders... the list is endless. 

If you're looking for a cool novelty gift for your stoner loved one this Christmas, Rolleze is the place to go!

The novelty pipe grinder is by far my favourite, two birds with one stone! What's yours?

Colorado Since Cannabis Legalization

This image was recently posted on the Reefer Revolution Facebook page.
It received some backlash from some prohibitionists calling to explain the difference between causation and correlation (like their arguments do!) Reefer Revolution responded brilliantly, justifying and backing up each of their claims. Here's what they said:
It should be noted that the main message in this post is that the world hasn’t ended since Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado! The first image sates: ‘Since Colorado legalized cannabis, they have blown away the propaganda’. This provides the context for the rest of the statements. Those questioning correlation and causation should look to the correlation between this posts statements and prohibitionist arguments if they want to see the causation for each being included. The image demonstrates some of the positives that have come from legalization, while dismissing some of the outdated ‘doomsday’ arguments that are still too often perpetuated by prohibitionists. It is simple, yet absolutely sensationalist, pro-legalization propaganda in the ‘war on drugs’. It is a justified attack on prohibitionist rhetoric in general, an attack on a movement that has deprived people of beneficial medicine and criminalised innocent people who enjoy relaxing with cannabis, it’s a psychological bullet aimed at changing opinions and attitudes! Despite this, each statement can be argued and ratified with credible sources; can the same always be said of the oppressors’ arguments in this ‘war’?

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

Claim 1 – Less Children Use Pot.
If you follow the debate closely you will have probably come across prohibitionists worried of a cannabis epidemic if laws are relaxed, kids everywhere toking up and becoming worthless nobodies, leaching off the hard working tax payer their entire lives. That just isn’t what has happened though, and the argument completely overlooks the fact that drug dealers don’t ask for ID, but licensed and regulated shops do.

“According to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, marijuana use among Colorado teens has gone down slightly since the state legalized recreational cannabis use in 2012.”

In this article they interestingly record the stats accurately yet for some reason call in an ‘expert’ for really poor analysis. Apparently a 20% drop in high school pot use in 4 years between 2009 and 2013 in Colorado (from 25% down to 20%), despite the national average rising, isn’t significant. I would beg to differ.

“In the 2013 Healthy Kids Colorado survey, 37 percent of high school students reported that they had ever tried marijuana, down from 39 percent in 2011. The percentage who reported using marijuana in the previous month (a.k.a. "current" use) also declined, from 22 percent in 2011 to 20 percent in 2013.”
Claim 2 – Traffic fatalities are at all-time lows.
The Colorado Department of Transportation published a document showing a steady decrease in traffic fatalities over the last 12 years. This is fact. The statement in the image doesn’t attribute this tolegalizing cannabis. It’s included to demonstrate this steady fall DESPITE steady relaxation of cannabis laws in Colorado over the last 15 years since Amendment 20 was passed. This is in stark contrast to the scare tactics still perpetuated by prohibitionists that relaxing pot laws would result in drug drivers everywhere killing everyone.
It is a general tendency of pro-legalization advocates to compare cannabis and alcohol to highlight hypocrisy in cannabis prohibition. I’m not above this. While I’m sure there aren’t many that will condone drink driving, nobody seems to be calling to ban alcohol because of the potential dangers of drunk drivers, despite drunk drivers being considerably worse than stoned drivers.
“Last month, researchers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that drivers who use marijuana are significantly less likely to crash than drunk drivers. That much may seem obvious, but here’s the kicker: drivers with THC in their systems (adjusted for age, gender, race, and alcohol use) were no more likely to crash than those who had not used drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel.”

This is not condoning driving while baked, merely highlighting the cognitive dissonance apparent in the oppressors argument.
Claim 3 – Fewer people take dangerous meds.
Ok so this is perhaps ambiguous, particularly to those who do not follow the debate closely, but arguable in many contexts nonetheless. For the sake of this argument let’s take opioids as they are the biggest killer of all the prescription drugs, up to 40%!

“States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate (95% CI, −37.5% to −9.5%; P = .003) compared with states without medical cannabis laws”
Claim 4 – Lazy? Nope. Record setting job growth.
Similar to the myth purported that legalizing cannabis would mean more kids smoking pot, it is often said that cannabis legalization would signal the beginning of the end, a rapid decline of society intoa baked zombies apocalypse incapable of being productive members of the community. The statement in no insinuates cannabis is solely responsible for record setting job growth; it just points out that this record setting growth has happened DESPITE legalizing cannabis. Fact.
“Colorado employers added more jobs in June than they have in any single month since official counts began back in 1939.”
And let’s not forget the role cannabis has played not just in that job growth, but in the economic growth of Colorado in general. Labelled the ‘green-rush’ it’s set to rapidly become a billion dollar industry, has created more than 16,000 fairly well paid jobs ($15+ph) and generated more than $100 billion to date in tax revenues which have been actively and directly ploughed into schools. And this doesn’t include the other economic benefits such as tax on the employees earnings, benefits to secondary industries, inter alia.
Claim 5 – Violent Crime Dropped
Between 2000 (when cannabis laws first started to be relaxed) and 2013 (the most recent data), violent crime rate averages at 346.79 per 100,000 people. In the 14 years previous to that (1986-1999) it averages 471.59 per 100,000 people. This is a staggering fall of 26.5%, hardly insignificant, and CERTAINLY NOT proof of reefer madness. Feel free to crunch the numbers yourself.
Claim 6 – More tax money than alcohol
Ah, a nice easy one to end with. Colorado raked in nearly $70 million from cannabis taxes in the fiscal year ending June 30th 2015. Alcohol trickled in a mere $42 million. Fact.
They concluded by addressing some issues raised in other comments, ending with a succinct stating demonstrating the moral corruption in letting cannabis remain illegal.

"To address concerns about the lack of negatives of legalization included in the image such as the housing crisis, I would point out that it’s the opposition’s job to highlight the bad things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss them here! I will quote someone else who commented, because to be blunt (no pun intended), I don’t think I can put it better myself. “We need to remember that the results of these types of changes in our society will initially cause some upheavals in how we function as a society. This is a major change and is affecting almost every aspect of our culture as we know it. How do we address this regarding the workplace, insurances, laws...we have a lot of wrinkles to work out, but we need patience and diligence. It takes time for change to level itself.” The only thing I would add to that is just like cannabis legalization isn’t the sole reason for record job growth or decreased driving fatalities, neither is it the sole reason for a mass influx of people. A booming economy will do that, take a look at EU migration since freedom of movement came around in the region.
Locking people in a cage for choosing to relax with cannabis recreationally is immoral. Locking people in a cage for using cannabis as a medicine is criminal. Period."

Bravo Reefer Revolution, bravo!

Mythos E-liquids

Our friends over at Rolleze have recently listed Mythos E-liquids of there website. They sound amazing, "Introducing Mythos e-Liquid - Nectar of the God's. Mythos organic e-liquids are PG-Free and flavoured with only the finest organic ingredients. Organic flavor extracts are blended with organic alcohol to draw out the best possible flavor, without leaving an alcohol taste. They only come in 30ml bottles but that's fine, their moorish tastes means 10ml just isn't enough! Mythos e-liquids are available in 6 complex flavours and 3 nicotine strength's. These are premium e-liquids for serious vapers! The Mythos line was in development for 6 months and is designed to deliver fantastic flavor, dense vapor, and a satisfying throat hit. They perform best in dripping atomizers on high powered mods. The e-liquids have been independently tested and found to be Diacetyl and Acetyl free."

If that's not enough to get your tastebuds tingling then just take a look at the flavour descriptions:

Athena - Dessert Tobacco
Athena is packed full with flavor. This is an extremely sopisticated Tobacco flavor that ages like a fine wine. Designed to please the enthusiast vaper, this is not your traditional tobacco e-liquid. Robust flavor that is both nutty and sweet but never disappointing. Hints of delicious vanilla can be detected in the undertone.
Apollo - Orange Cream
Apollo shines with falvor. Delicious, bright and authentic Mandarin Orange flavor smothered by a smooth and sweet vanilla cream. Apollo e-liquid is both refreshing, sweet and tastefully done.
Hades - Fire and Ice
Hades burns with flavor. A less than traditional take on a classic Fire & Ice. Hades e-liquid combines extremely small doses of red hotted goodness from aniseed with a hint of organic mint extract and a smooth vanilla cream finish. Nobody has done it like this before
Persephone - Cantaloupe and Pear
Persephone blooms with flavor. Unique and Sophisticated is the center of Mythos: Nectar of the Gods, and this may be the master piece. We combine organic pear and sweet cantaloupe flavor with slices of red apple and top it off with a touch of whipped vanilla cream. One of the most unique e-liquids in the line up, Persephone raises the bar.
Aphrodite - Cookie Dough
Aphrodite comforts with flavor. Sweet warm organic cookie dough flavor skilfully blended with fluffy vanilla cream and a smooth maple finish. Aphrodite is the comfort vape e-liquid we've all been looking for.
Poseidon - Lemon and Lime
Poseidon bursts with flavor. This e-liquid has an amazingly refreshing organic lemon lime citrus taste with rich, fluffy coconut to boot. Unique, sophisticated and refreshing, an instant favourite.

mmmm, mmmm, MMMMMM!

Tom and John over at spinfuel have reviewed them and offer some good insight.

"High performance eliquid is, to put it simply, is an eliquid that delivers the purest flavor, the richest vapor, and a satisfying throat hit when vaped with equally high performance hardware. It is eliquid designed from the bottom up to be enjoyed by vapers that know a thing or two about mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and dripping. High performance eliquid in the hands of high performance vapers takes the whole idea of vaping to a new level....

Characteristics In Common

In an effort not to be overly redundant we found some common characteristics in all six eliquids. Rather than repeat them over and over, the following applies to all six flavors, unless otherwise noted.
Push: There seems to be a lot of ‘play’ with Mythos eliquid. By that we mean each of the eliquids were able to withstand high wattages and high voltages no matter the ohms of the coils. While searching for each of the ‘sweet spots’ it felt that the more power you gave the coils the more flavor we got and the more vapor production kicked up. Eventually of course you reach a level where it goes past peak performance and you have to dial it down a bit. Regardless of what coils you use or what RBA/mod you use, your own sweet spot will take a while to find. The nice thing is when you do find it you’ll know it.
Mechanicals: Tom, owning more mechanicals than anyone else here, instructed me on the finer points of using mechanicals. I discovered that because mech mods output a singular power/voltage the only way to adjust your vape is through the ohms of the coils, or even the number of coils on an RBA/RDA. Makes sense, of course, but this review is the first time I had a ‘buddy vaper’ with me to guide me through all the eliquids in the Mythos lineup.
Vapor Production: Mythos was designed to provide maximum flavor and maximum vapor. Every blend will satisfy even the most possessed cloud chaser.
Nicotine Strength: When vaping in conventional ways our nicotine strength has been 18mg for more than a year. We chose 6mg for Mythos the review because, well, seriously, while I didn’t believe there could be a huge difference in the style of vaping when it comes to the nicotine’s role in throat hits. Tom knew better. RBA’s and RDA’s are much more efficient when it comes to vaporizing eliquid, and the nicotine can be a lot less in volume but it will utilized quicker and more thoroughly than with conventional vaping. With Tom’s help I discovered just how much punch there could be in 6mg nicotine juice. Honestly, it was almost too strong.
Flavor: With all six eliquids delivering incredible amount of vapor and powerful throat hits, the only aspect left was flavor, and in many ways flavor is a subjective issue and in other ways not so subjective issue.
The commonality of all six eliquids as it pertains to flavor is this: full, authentic, never-ending flavor, but never overwhelming. It’s not as though you’ve taken a bottle of concentrated flavor extract and poured it over your tongue and let it sit there. The flavors are genuine, real, and true, not too subtle, but not too strong either. It’s a delicate balance that is inherent with good organic extracts.
In my opinion, when describing the flavor of an eliquid only as “intense” is lazy writing. Intense doesn’t tell us much, does it? The strongest cinnamon flavor from any eliquid brand can be “intense” but it doesn’t mean its any good.Mythos flavors are ‘full’ and ‘genuine’… better than ‘intense’ because while the flavor is abundantly present, you won’t pull away from a long drag and yell out with your favorite expletive."
Anyone for organic e-liquid then?

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Vaporsource VS3 Vaporizer Review

Rolleze Note: When it comes to vaporizersVaporeview really know their stuff. That's why at Rolleze we share their informed opinions with you, so that you can make informed decisions about which vaporizer you should buy!
The VS3 vaporizer (or Titan-4 Vaporizer) is the latest portable vaporizer by Chinese company Vaporsource, who is also responsible for the titan vaporizers and the smartphone shaped VS2. What looks like a firefly clone at first is actually more like a futuristic version of the magic flight launch box paired with the Da Vinci ascent and the Vaporgenie.
So far, this is definitely the best vaporizer from Vaporsource. In the last couple of weeks, I have received plenty new Chinese vaporizers and this one is indeed the best one of all, when it’s about taste! Due to the glass airpath the taste of the vapor is super pure and clean. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a product that was designed and produced by the same company that brought us the titan vaporizers. I would recommend using the VS3 without the plastic mouthpiece though and sip on the glass straw directly.
Unfortunately, the VS3 only has three temperature presets and just two of these make sense to me (380°F, 400°F), the third one (440°F) is simply too hot for a herbal vaporizer. A concentrate pad is not included, but maybe if you add some cotton to the herb chamber you might be able to use it with wax and oil, as well.
However, it performs great with herbs on 380 and 400°F! It also reaches vaporizing temperatures very quick. In just 30 seconds you’re ready to take the first draws. What differs the VS3 from most other portable vaporizers is that it produces massive clouds within a very short time and so new vapor forms very fast. This means you can take many hits one after another without having to wait between the hits. This also means that your herbs will be consumed very fast too, though.
Compared to the VS2, the herb chamber of the VS3 is very big and you can fill in up to 0.3g of fine ground herbs. Due to the glass cover you can see what’s going on in the herb chamber and monitor the discoloration of your herbs. That’s very cool, although the glass cover will tarnish very fast. That’s why you should clean it very often, but be careful and only use ISO alcohol to clean the herb camber and the glass cover, since it will also remove the paint from the plastic housing!
The VS3 vaporizer is not very small, but super light. Although that also means that it is not very robust and will break easily when you drop it on the floor. Especially the glass straw won’t survive a fall, I guess. There is a second one included though, but it might be a problem to replace it when it breaks inside the vaporizers body. That’s the biggest problem I have with the VS3. If you’re very clumsy this vaporizer is most likely not the right choice for you.
Overall, I like it very much, though. Especially taste wise, this is one of the best vaporizers made and designed in china and it’s super cheap. However, super cheap is also the housing, I think. If you can live with that, the VS3 vaporizer is not a bad choice at all and a real bargain, compared to similar units like the Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer or the magic flight launch box. Also I believe former pipe or one hitter smokers will love this pipe style vaporizer.
Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.5/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0

Thursday, 20 March 2014

GW Pharmaceuticals - Good or Evil?

GW Pharmaceuticals have made massive headway in the last 12 months with their exclusively cannabinoid derived medicines gaining acceptance in 25 countries including the UK and US. Their share price has rocketed with a more than 10 fold increase since it's cornerstone product Sativex (an oral spray treatment reliving symptoms for MS suffers) hit the market running. Since then they have gained FDA approval of a second cannabis based drug Epidolex (an alternative treatment for a rare kind of children's epilepsy) and the companies prospects continue to look bright with a comprehensive list of treatments entering later stages of trials including a pain relief alternative for cancer patients. But a big question remains among legalisation advocates - is it right that this large organisation that has had a monopoly on cannabis production and research in the UK, is now allowed to patent it's fairly simple and easy to make products? After all, cannabis tinctures, sprays and even tablets have been consumed as medicine for as long as records have existed.

While many people within the culture may find this hard to stomach, I think the answer is yes. This is the big break we have all been pushing for, a necessary evil in the name of eventual liberation. GW's drugs are not just helping sick people, they are changing the perspectives of millions around the world. This is a bigger step forward than the decriminalization trend that has been seen across the US over the past decade (albeit someway behind the logical steps taken recently in Colarado) because it doesn't come with the stigma associated with the 'marijuana medical card'. These drugs are not simply random strains picked and dried, they are the product of selective breeding for favorable medicinal characteristics, a carefully formulated and consistent mixture that has been rigorously tested over years of trials and comes endorsed not only from the marketing company, but from academics alike. These products are proof that cannabis holds up to scientific scrutiny and possesses genuinely researched and documented medicinal benefits. These products are a game changer, and undeniable step forward and almost certainly the start of a new cannabis perspective across the globe.

For more information about GW Pharmaceuticals and the research they carry out please visit their website.   

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rolleze New Website Goes Live

Ok so the product range is currently limited but new headshop is live and ready for business! We stock a great range of products including cannabis seeds, herbal incense, electronic cigarettes plus so much more and new products are being added daily! Follow Rolleze on Facebook for exclusive offers.

We are often asked whether or not our products our legal for sale in the UK and the answer is always a resounding yes! However care should be taken as under section 6 of misuse of drugs acts we cannot sell you something explicitly for the use preparing, cultivating or taking illegal substances.

Our cannabis seeds range is vast and growing. We stock seeds from many great companies including barney's farm seeds, greenhouse seeds, sweet seeds, dutch passion seeds and royal queen seeds. Have a good browse as the product listing are packed full with useful information to help collectors select the right cannabis seeds for their needs.

Our herbal incense blends are 100% legal in the UK and come from two manufacturer, abyss herbal incense and mary joy herbal incense. Seriously potent smelling stuff! Exodus damnation is undoutedly the most popular!

Electronic cigarettes are becoming ever more popular and we have some ego's with CE4 atomizers at a great price. We also have a many eliquids of different flavours and strengths, something for everyone!

So what is a headshop i hear some of you screaming. Well wikipedia some up it pretty well: head shop is a retail outlet specializing in tobacco paraphernalia used for consumption of tobacco, legal highs, legal party powders and New Age herbs, as well as counterculture art, magazines, music, clothing, and home decor; some head shops also sell oddities, such as antique walking sticks and sex toys." Couldn't have said it better myself!

For a full product range including herb grinders, glass bongs and grow guides check out our headshop now.